A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

How to Calm Anxiety

Everyone experiences some sort of anxious feeling every day. In fact, anxiety is a normal human emotion and people should not feel alarmed when they feel anxious over something. It is only natural to react to certain situations in this manner, especially if the situations are disturbing. Decades ago, anxiety was never seen as a threat unless the person shows terminal symptoms that could mean irreversible mental problems. Anxiety used to be a perfectly normal reaction to a situation.

What is Anxiety?

But then why are so many people suffering from severe anxiety? So many individuals become debilitated by this feeling that they can hardly function normally. In fact, there are so many treatment options developed for people who are suffering from this disorder. Now we know that anxiety can become a psychological illness plaguing many individuals. These individuals may be your friends, family members, and even yourself.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the abstract terms people use to describe a collection of psychological imbalances. The categorization for which type of anxiety a person is experiencing depends on which aspect of his life is most affected by this feeling. Social anxiety often refers to the way this feeling could affect a person’s relationships. Panic attacks may be the physiological manifestation of anxiety.

Excessive Worrying – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Too much worrying about certain things can be classified under generalized anxiety, but it could also be considered a part of the other types of anxiety. Nevertheless, for most people, this is where it all starts.

How is your anxiety affecting your friends and family?

If you’ve heard friends, family members and even strangers call you a worry wart, you should pay attention. The chiding may be out of concern for you and the way you think. You see, when you’re incredibly anxious, people can see the symptoms manifest on your face, your behaviour and the decisions you make. In a way, the feeling of anxiety could rule your life in such an intense manner that people start to notice. Fretting about a particular problem so much that you’re inadvertently making yourself sick over it could be a sign that your anxiety problem is growing.

When all the fretting becomes habitual, you may find yourself unable to control this emotion whenever something happens in your life. Small things like the police suddenly appearing in your neighbourhood could freak you out. Someone banging the door by mistake could cause you to drop the dishes and start screaming. There may come a time when you can no longer distinguish whether there really is a cause for worry or not.

The worst thing about this kind of anxiety is that there seems to be no real reason for feeling anxious. in this case, your mind ends up creating more problems that you can worry about just because it has become a habit to fret.

These are just a few of the things you should know about anxiety. Find out more by reading other articles about panic and anxiety. Our site will introduce you to methods you can use to control your anxiety.