A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Anxiety Help for Adults

Anxiety help for adults could come in various forms, including medication, therapy and self-help. For every treatment option, there are pros and cons:

– Medication for anxiety involves antidepressants or drugs that directly affect the central nervous system. Under medication, the person can suppress various impulses that are related to his or her anxiety disorder. The disadvantage of this is that the person becomes enslaved and lulled by the feeling of complacency due to the action of the drug.

– Therapy is usually done with a credible and qualified professional who can prescribe exercises and training tools for the patient. Therapy is usually expensive and time consuming. For some people, therapy is a usual thing, and it should not be a cause of shame. In some cultures and communities, however, only crazy people go for therapy. The stigma of ‘needing professional help’ may haunt a person and aggravate his condition.

– Self-help options abound right now, especially since depression and anxiety have been widely known as debilitating disorders that could negatively affect a person’s life. The thing about self-help is that you must buck up and do it yourself. No one will force you out of bed to listen to a self help DVD. The quizzes and activities in the workbooks will remain unfinished if you don’t work on them. It could take a colossal amount of effort to drag yourself in front of the PC to read the advice of experts. Even the self help books by your bed won’t open by themselves.

Hindrances to Proper Treatment

Denial – Maybe it’s a phase that you’ll snap out of sometime. Maybe you’re just stressed and a vacation will do the trick. Maybe everyone’s like that even if they don’t admit it. Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. If it turns out that you really don’t have a problem, then you can go on with your life. But if you do have anxiety disorder and you looked for anxiety help before the problem got worse, then you’re better off than the others who simply bear with it not knowing that they’re doing more damage than good.

Shame – It can be humiliating to admit that you’re under so much stress and you might have anxiety problems. Many people struggling with anxiety refuse to go to therapy because someone might recognize them. Feeling ashamed about your condition is normal, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling like you have to hide your problem. However, like a wound that you want to heal as soon as possible, you should at least tell a few trusted friends about your problem so that they can help you get through it.

Financial Difficulties – Therapy, self help books and medication all require a financial commitment. On top of everything else you need to pay for, you have to shell out money for these things. But what people should realize is that these things are worth investing on if they really value their peace of mind and happy family life.

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