A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

7 Secrets on How to Calm Anxiety

People learn how to calm anxiety on their own as soon as they understand that they have a problem. Sometimes it starts with reading a story about a survivor of anxiety disorders. If you need something like that, here’s one for you.

I learned how to survive an anxiety disorder that seemed to damage all aspects of my life. I lived with paranoia, which affected my relationships and my family life. I was always concerned that I would faint while out shopping just because I don’t know which things could trigger my anxiety. I thought I was going crazy, which drove me up the wall even more. I couldn’t relax.

That’s when I understood that I needed to find out how to calm anxiety. If I stay calm long enough to understand what’s happening, everything flows like normal. I can go out and have fun with friends occasionally. I can also communicate better with my partner.

Here are seven things I did to calm anxiety.

Self-soothing Methods – Reading self-help books really did the trick. Feel-good movies are also good for relaxation. What didn’t help was lying down while reading. The act of staying in bed was depressing, so I read and drank hot cocoa in the kitchen. I took on gardening, which always worked for me. Some people use baking, while others use cleaning and organizing to soothe themselves.

Guilt-free Recreation – Besides movies and literature that boosted my morale, I went for walks around the park, greeting friendly joggers and dog walkers along the way. I brought a camera and shot photos of anything I liked. I didn’t feel guilty doing what I did, I just felt like I was at peace with myself and with the world.

Music – Is music relaxing? It depends on what kind of music you listen to. I like the kind that brought on images of woodlands and forests. Of course, I’m an Enya fan and I could listen to Beethoven all day.

Fragrance Oils – I’ll never looked at lavender the same way again! It’s not just a color, it’s a fragrance oil that does wonders to the mind. I calmed down a lot whenever the smell of lavender filled the room. Regardless of what I’m doing, I always smile when I smell the scent.

Healthy Food – Anxiety can be chemical in nature, which means we can use healthy food to counter the symptoms. I found out that drinking stimulants like caffeine can really increase all the worrying. Fruits and veggies are great because they can be eaten raw.

Exercise – Exercise worked a lot. While I’m sweating it out in the gym, I did not have any other worry other than getting the exercise I need and staying hydrated. Shopping for comfort did not work for me, as I felt guilty about the bills right after. So, exercise (the real kind) was what I went for.

Social interaction – There’s something calming about listening to friends recount their experiences over a big cup of decaf. The chatter soothes me, as does the fact that I know I’m with people I trust.