A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

A Real Anxiety Treatment that Starts to Work In Just 7 Days

Anxiety disorders are like the locusts that swarm across a pre-harvest wheat field. The swarms can lead to the loss of the most precious thing that you can have… hope for the better. The reality is that anxiety disorders plague more people than we know. Some try to hide it from others, while there are those that still show signs of anxiety even when they try their best to hide it.

The thing is, if you have anxiety disorders, you don’t know how to live life without anxiety. Worrying becomes a habit that is difficult to break. It is difficult, but not impossible. When you think it’s impossible, that’s when the anxiety habit will continue to fester inside your mind. This is the truth. While it can be difficult to break an anxiety habit, you can do small things to make sure the anxiety goes away and for good this time.

Most of the time, the treatments of anxiety that many people go for involves an extremely complicated cocktail of drugs and therapy sessions. But in reality, you can treat anxiety on your own and be rid of it in just seven days.

Here’s how:

Look for a way to remind yourself that you’re doing your best to remove the habit of being anxious every time something triggers your subconscious. Maybe you see a plane in the sky and you start worrying for the people inside the plane. Maybe you see a black cat on the road and you think it’s a sign of a bad event that’s going to happen later that evening. If you start thinking this way, remind yourself. You can do this by using several tricks.

The first is the use of a string of a band. Tie a string around your wrist and snap it or run your palm to and fro on it so that it grazes your skin. The slight pain will jolt you back into the mindset of recovery. To control your anxiety by utilizing something as homey as a band or a string, you need to make sure you do this all the time. Soon it will become a habit.

Another tool to use in tandem with the above method is affirmation. Leave notes around the house or in places where you can clearly see the note from where you usually stay. If you go to the office, maybe a small photo with words like ‘stop’ and ‘no worries today’ will do the trick. A simple post it on the wall where you usually hang out, like the kitchen, will also do you good.

The habit of reminding yourself not to worry will override the habit of worrying. A full recovery can happen when you let this treatment become your main habit. Habits are actually scary because they stick to you, but using habits to make sure you remember your goal can be a positive thing.