A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Here’s a Quick Way to Calm General Anxiety Disorder

General anxiety disorder is a kind of disease that is affecting more people than we know. Most of the time, these people don’t understand what is happening to them. The symptoms of general anxiety are too many, and they occur on seemingly random situations. On top of the fear that they may be going crazy, most people with general anxiety disorder panic about the thought of having an attack while in a public place.

What makes things worse is when people with this disorder don’t tell anyone. They get too wrapped up in their fears that they think no one would understand. People make their problems greater than they are. Worrying that they are under a bad situation, and going crazy about it could result in a pretty nasty panic attack. These panic attacks are no more than fainting, but to the person involved he feels like he is dying. Many people with serious medical conditions actually complicate their disease by having panic problems.

It helps if these people realize that they share the same symptoms as other people all over the globe. With research and understanding, they will realize that they have a condition that can be cured. Many people have developed their own quick fixes for anxiety disorders, particularly general anxiety disorder. Some have used music, and others have used therapy. There are more people using self help books than we know, because they probably wouldn’t reveal that they are using these books.

When you can no longer contain your fears and you think you’re going to die, stop yourself from doing something crazy.

Here’s the quickest way to calm your general anxiety disorder.

Do Breathing Exercises

There are so many tutorials on how to do breathing exercises like those mentioned in Linden, and here are some more

– If you feel like a panic attack is coming, expel your breath in one go. You can even condition yourself to use a word that you say every time you do this. You know how many soldiers say their lines a bit loud They’re expelling their breath and in turn making themselves lose the stress. This is the same principle behind the sounds that a karate master makes when he prepares for a fight. It’s a great stress reliever.

– Breathe in and out slowly. Don’t hurry the breathing process and hold your diaphragm area while you do this. Your diaphragm should expand when you take a deep breath. It should relax when you breathe out. This way is the right way to breathe, and you do this unconsciously when in deep sleep.

– Balloon your cheeks when you breathe out. Breathe in through your nose and expel the breath through your mouth. When you balloon your cheeks, you expel more air and you don’t hyperventilate.

There may be other breathing methods out there that work quite well. I’m simply describing my own method and what works for me. The important thing is that you try your best to find a method that works for you.