A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

How Social Anxiety is Holding You Back

When we talk about social anxiety, we almost always think about its application in dating and getting to know new people. Some people develop social anxiety when they reach the age of dating. Dating is stressful, as many already know. There is the pressure to be rejected, and there is also the possibility that you may not feel accepted in a group where your potential partner belongs. But there are people who develop social anxiety early on, even without the pressure of getting a date. The fear of interacting with people is so intense that they never try to go through the process of interaction again.

How Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?

– Social anxiety prevents you from interacting fully with loved ones. Social anxiety disorder can go beyond the dating scene and into your family life. Don’t be the person who’s always in the corner during family gatherings. Interact with others and make them feel your presence. If it seems like you’re simply counting the hours until the family reunion is over, you miss the chance of connecting with the people who truly matter in your life.

Your family will understand. If they do not fully understand the nature of your anxiety disorder, they will still accept you anyway. That’s why it’s important to have your family’s support at this crucial time. They will be there for you no matter what.

– Social anxiety prevents you from getting the promotion you deserve. One thing that doesn’t get mentioned in any corporate book is the importance of socializing in getting a promotion. It’s not all about merit and how you can get the job done fast. Most of the time, promotions are based on personal feelings of trust and friendship. Sure, the company will always hire the best person for the job, but those who will be sending in recommendations are only human. Once they feel like you’re snubbing them, your chances of being promoted will diminish.

Attend social events where you can talk to your bosses on an equal level for a change. Although it’s not much, being pleasantly in conversation with others would make them feel like you’re the best person to be promoted. You don’t have to learn how to golf to impress your boss. A firm handshake and a smiling greeting during a company party will get you on his good side for good.

– If you have social anxiety, you tend to ostracize yourself from the rest of your community. Socializing is a part of any community, whether it’s the parent-teacher association, the community fire protection brigade or the homeowners club in your neighbourhood. If the people around you cannot connect with you on a personal level, you are regarded as the misfit, and this regard could extend to your children and your relatives. Don’t forget that you may need the help of these people sooner or later. It’s best to get over your social anxiety and start getting to know the people you are living with in your community.