A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

I Manage My Anxiety Attacks and Now I Am Loving Life Again

Let me tell you about the time when I thought my anxiety attacks would remain with me forever. The fear would come at me wherever I was, which was irrational, considering I was around people who were comfortable and going about their own lives. This entirely subjective perception of a threat was very real to me, and surely enough, my body would react like I was being physically attacked. Losing consciousness would feel like a blessing, even if I knew that I would probably end up in some grocery’s backroom, with a doctor.

The effects of anxiety disorders, especially generalized types, can differ from one person to another. I’ve heard some people experiencing the feeling of being strangled, or those that feel the ground give way. I know for sure that most people fear the attack of anxiety itself, more than the many fears that besiege them during the attack.

I’ve gotten used to strange looks from others when I would act like something’s about to happen. If it weren’t for the bills, I would not go out of the house anymore. Even without anyone telling me, I knew I needed to let go of the feelings of apprehension and dread. But like a habit, I think of the fears and I still feel restless.

What worked for me, or has kept working for me, is not one entity but two.

1. My Family’s Support

Even my extended family did not know what I was going through. They didn’t understand what was happening. Although embarrassed about it, I had to talk about my problems with someone. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information over the internet on anxiety attacks so I didn’t have to explain in detail what I was going through.

Although they didn’t really do much in the way of helping me recover, just knowing that they knew what I was going through, and that they’d always welcome me in gatherings even if they knew about my troubles, made telling them worth it. I could relax around them and have fun. When I’m around them, there was no hint of any anxiety attack coming on. I realized that I could replicate this kind of relaxed feeling with other people, like my officemates and my bosses, even if I don’t tell them directly that I am suffering from anxiety.

2. Self Help

When you have trouble concentrating on anything because you’re too jumpy, it’s difficult to pull yourself out of bed to watch a Linden DVD on how to control anxiety attacks. But with enough determination, this is doable. You can take charge of your life and not end up miserable. You can’t forever be obsessed about the worst case scenario. Be a joy again to everyone you meet, and reclaim your life.

Self help books are handy and can be brought anywhere. But CDs are better if you want to simply listen without straining your eyes. You’ll find out more about people who were going through what you are now going through, and how they succeeded in conquering anxiety.