A Summary of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Tips for Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Anxiety disorder NOS is the kind of panic attack that cannot be placed in any category of known anxiety disorders. The symptoms are general enough that the person may be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, but an underlying reason for the panic attack may place the disorder in another category. Some underlying elements that cannot be ignored include the presence of a separation event, the fear of heights, the fear of insects and the fear of the dark. Usually, the person suffering from anxiety disorder NOS complains about panic attacks at random moments, which confuses the one evaluating the symptoms even more.

There are some people that say anxiety disorder nos is actually post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a condition commonly seen in injured soldiers and policemen. While it is not clear if this is a fair assessment and description of the disorder, it cannot be denied that so many people show symptoms of a disorder that does not fit into a particular category.

Immediate cures for the nos disorder can be difficult if the psychologist does not research more about what could be causing anxiety. Some people with this disorder find it difficult to sleep because of dreams related with random things, or they simply refuse to sleep because they are scared of dreaming itself. Some hypnosis therapeutic practices may also help deal with the cause of anxiety, but this should only be done with a qualified individual.

Because the cause of this anxiety cannot be limited to one source, there is a possibility that anxiety disorder nos is a combination of several phobias, including those induced by post-traumatic stress. Most doctors recommend medication that they would give a depressive patient, including sedatives. The medication for anxiety disorder nos may be similar to any kind of anxiety disorder. These drugs are usually tranquilizers that can induce sleep. Sleep is very important to an anxiety-ridden person because the mind needs to recharge itself in order to function normally. A person that gets enough sleep is less likely to show anxiety symptoms when compared with a person that suffers from insomnia due to anxiety.

Some tips for anxiety disorder nos treatment may include herbal medicines, either inhaled via aromatherapy, or drank as decoctions under the recommendation of the doctor or herbal medicine specialist. Other tips for treatment may be to go for exercise regimes involving cardio exercises to improve a person’s breathing capacity, which would come in useful for when he couldn’t breathe due to panic. Breathing on a set pace during a panic attack may spell the difference between fainting and getting a grip on emotions. Most of the time, the incapacity to do breathing at a set pace is what triggers the panic attack, leading to more disastrous consequences.